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A few of the advantages of titanium screws and the material is introduced

Apr 20, 2017

Small density, high specific strength, the density of titanium is 4.51 g/cm3, below aluminum and above the steel, copper, nickel, but strength is located in the top of the metal.

Corrosion resistance: titanium metal is a very lively, the equilibrium potential is very low, the thermodynamic corrosion tend to be large in the medium. But in fact, titanium in many medium is stable, such as titanium in oxidizing, neutral and weak reducing medium is corrosion resistant.

Heat resistant performance is good, the new titanium alloy at 600 ℃ or higher temperature for long-term use.

Low temperature resistant performance is good: titanium alloy TA7 al (Ti - 5-2.5 Sn), TC4 (Ti 6 al 4 v) and Ti - 2.5 - Zr - 1.5 Mo represented by the low temperature of titanium alloy, its strength increase with the decreasing of temperature, but the plastic changes are much less. In - 196-253 ℃ low temperature keep the good ductility and toughness, avoid cold brittleness, the metal is a cryogenic vessel, tank and other equipment ideal material.

Strong damping resistance: titanium by mechanical vibration, electric vibration, compared with steel, copper, its longest vibration attenuation.

Nonmagnetic, non-toxic: titanium is nonmagnetic metal, will not be magnetized in large magnetic field, non-toxic and has good intermiscibility with human tissue and blood, so adopted by the medical community.

Tensile strength and yield strength close to the performance of titanium shows its showed high (tensile strength/yield strength), said the titanium material in forming the plastic deformation. Because of titanium yield limit and elastic modulus ratio is large, to make the titanium forming ability to rebound.

Heat transfer performance is good, the coefficient of thermal conductivity of titanium than low carbon steel and copper, but due to the excellent corrosion resistance of titanium, so wall thickness can be thinned greatly, and the surface and the heat exchange way as the dropwise condensation of steam, reducing the heat group, too surface scaling can reduce thermal resistance, made of titanium heat exchanger performance improved significantly.

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