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Development of titanium alloy surface strengthening technology

Nov 09, 2018

Development of titanium alloy surface strengthening technology

Titanium is an important structural metal developed in the 1950s. Titanium alloy has become a new structural and functional material due to its high specific strength, excellent corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance. Sex, etc., the hardness of the alloy is low, generally not exceeding HV350, poor electrical and thermal conductivity, sensitive to adhesive wear, and poor surface fatigue resistance and wear resistance. This makes titanium alloys very limited in their application. In many cases, the actual production requirements cannot be met. The surface strengthening technology can significantly improve the surface hardness. After surface strengthening, the hardness can be as high as HV1000 or above, which can significantly improve the wear resistance, fatigue resistance and corrosion resistance of titanium alloys. The range of use of the alloy increases the service life. This paper briefly reviews the application status, existing problems and research progress of surface strengthening technology in titanium alloys. A new concept of titanium alloy surface strengthening technology for surface nanocrystallization is proposed.

From the relationship between the alloying elements and the surface hardness of titanium, it can be seen that the elements that have a significant influence on the hardness are nitrogen, oxygen and carbon. The surface strengthening technology of titanium is generally formed on the surface of the titanium alloy with a certain depth and a combination. A hardened layer such as TiN, TiAlN or a metal compound. Titanium-strength TiO, TiC, and alloy surface treatments have undergone traditional reinforcements represented by electroplating, electroless plating, thermal diffusion, and coating, and have developed into modern surface strengthening technologies such as plasma, ion beam, and electron beam. The surface strengthening technology is developing towards the comprehensive application of various technologies and the research and preparation of the film structure design, that is, the multilayer composite film layer. In recent years, a surface layer having a nanostructure has been prepared to improve the surface wear resistance and corrosion resistance of the material.

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