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Molybdenum: resource distribution and production

Oct 26, 2018

  • In nature, molybdenum does not occur as a free metal, but rather in various oxidation states in minerals, such as wulfenite, powellite and molybdenite, and the amount of molybdenum in these minerals is 0.01%-0.25%. Among these minerals, molybdenite is the only one that is suitable for industrial production.

  • Area distribution

  • Molybdenum ore resources are mainly distributed in North America (33%), South America (29%), Europe (4%) and East Asia (31%).

  • Country distribution

  • Across the world, molybdenum resources are mainly concentrated in China, United States and Chile. The molybdenum resources in these countries account for 84.5% of global molybdenum resources.

  • According to USGS, world molybdenum mine production was 270,000 metric tonnes in 2013, an increase of 4.2% compared with 259,000 metric tonnes in 2012. China was the largest producer in 2013, followed by United States and Chile. The top three countries accounted for 76.9% of the total production in 2013.

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