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Titanium alloy cutting precautions

Nov 08, 2018

Titanium alloy cutting precautions

1. Due to the small elastic modulus of titanium alloy, the clamping deformation and deformation of the workpiece during processing will reduce the machining accuracy of the workpiece; the clamping force of the workpiece should not be too large when installed, and the auxiliary support can be added if necessary.

2. If hydrogen-containing cutting fluid is used, hydrogen will be decomposed and released at high temperature during the cutting process, and hydrogen will be attracted by titanium absorption; it may also cause high temperature stress corrosion cracking of titanium alloy.

3. When the chloride in the cutting fluid is used, it may decompose or volatilize the toxic gas. It should be taken safely when using it. Otherwise, it should not be used. After cutting, the part should be thoroughly cleaned with chlorine-free cleaning agent to remove chlorine residue. .

4. It is forbidden to use lead or zinc-based alloys to make contact with titanium alloys. Copper, tin, cadmium and their alloys are also prohibited.

5. All work, fixtures or other devices in contact with the titanium alloy must be clean; the cleaned titanium alloy parts should be protected from grease or fingerprint contamination, otherwise the salt (sodium chloride) stress corrosion may occur in the future.

6. Under normal circumstances, there is no danger of fire when cutting titanium alloy. Only in the case of micro-cutting, the fine chips that are cut will have a burning phenomenon. In order to avoid fire, in addition to a large amount of casting cutting fluid, it should also prevent the accumulation of chips on the machine tool, replace the tool immediately after blunt, or reduce the cutting speed, increase the feed amount to increase the chip thickness. If it is on fire, it should be extinguished with talc powder, limestone powder, dry sand and other fire extinguishing equipment. It is strictly forbidden to use carbon tetrachloride, carbon dioxide fire extinguisher or watering, because water can accelerate combustion and even cause hydrogen explosion.

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