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Baoji Blue Sky Defense War Needs To Be Motivated By Enterprises

Sep 10, 2018

In August, a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises in Baoji stopped production due to water cuts and power failures. The cause was a severe “environmental storm”. Online said that the Baoji Titanium industry chain is facing a "squat" due to the environmental storm. Baoji is not only a place where China's titanium industry clusters, but also a city where the world's titanium industry clusters are relatively concentrated. The number of small and medium-sized titanium enterprises is up to seven or eight hundred. Now there are still four or five hundred large and small, called Titanium and Titanium. The valley is well deserved. Nowadays, because the environmental protection storm Titanium “sinks”, the production of Titanium Valley has fallen into the “bottom of the valley”, and the sorrow is constant and sighs. This made people finally feel the harshness of the environmental protection storm, and felt that environmental protection work must be taken seriously, otherwise they could not eat and walk. At the same time, this "one size fits all" water and power outage has also caused "people's complaints."

The environmental storm has its own advantages of environmental protection, which is conducive to the construction of the blue sky defense war. But this environmental storm has caused such a big response, 95% of enterprises have cut off water and electricity, and it is indeed unprecedented. People’s grievances have increased and the industry has been damaged. To this end, Baoji City has held an investigation and coordination meeting on the current environmental protection rectification work. It is reported that on the morning of September 4, the Standing Committee of Baoji Municipal Committee and the Deputy Mayor of the Government, Ma Wei, convened a meeting, the leaders of the High-tech Zone, the Environmental Protection Bureau, the Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, the Land Bureau, the Planning Bureau and other departments attended the meeting, and also invited the Baoji SME Association. 

It is reported that in the "business policy", enterprises have resumed production, and the "business-oriented policy" of production and rectification is gradually being implemented. Good things are done well, good things are done fine, good things are more polished, I believe that the environmental protection storm has awakened the work style of environmental protection inspectors, and has awakened the environmental protection style of Baoji small and medium-sized titanium enterprises. The environmental storm will not only bring the beauty of the "blue sky defense war" to Baoji, but also bring the work of Baoji Environmental Inspector to "because of the enterprise policy".

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