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Baoji Titanium Enterprise Has Achieved Remarkable Results In Environmental Management

Aug 01, 2018

Recently, Shi Mingzhu, executive vice president of the Baoji Titanium Industry Association of Shaanxi Province, led the members of the Association Secretariat to go deep into the company and visited the titanium enterprises that are undergoing comprehensive environmental protection.

Since August of this year, Baoji Aone metals has successively received provincial and municipal environmental protection inspection teams. The inspection team has proposed environmental protection rectification requirements from different angles and aspects. The company has recently rectified production and made comprehensive anti-seepage (oil-proof and waterproof) treatment in the equipment installation area. It has carried out the process of processing dust and soot, modified the processing equipment, installed dust and soot recycling equipment, and applied to the production line. On the basis of the placement of raw materials, finished products into the warehouse, stacking, to the defective materials, waste oil, etc., the scientific area management and the addition of the separation wall were carried out. Starting from the production environment control inside the workshop, the workshop production environment is greatly optimized, and the oil and water leakage, dust and soot pollution that may occur during the forging process of titanium and titanium alloys are greatly improved. Governance, the company will be full of confidence, and strive to achieve success in the high-quality, high-standard development path.

In the subsequent discussion and exchanges, everyone fully affirmed that the current backbone enterprises of the titanium industry attach great importance to the issue of environmental protection, and some enterprises have made rapid rectifications, high standards, good quality, and achieved remarkable results in the comprehensive management of environmental protection. Some experience has set an example for companies in the cluster. actively find ways to strengthen the environmental protection, transformation and compliance of their company's production lines, so that the production and operation of enterprises will enter the normal track. .

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