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Heat Exchanger Plates

Mar 08, 2018

Heat Exchanger Plates

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After stainless steel, the next most widely used material for plate and frame heat exchangers is Titanium.

Titanium is a highly anti-corrosive material, particularly with its immunity to sea/salt water. This makes it a preferred material for the marine industry.

Another pro to titanium is its density. Titanium can provide weight savings of up to and above 50%.

The thermal conductivity of titanium plates allows for matching or in some case higher heat transfer, working extremely well for plate and frame heat exchanger applications.

Titanium is susceptible to cracking if the tensile strength rating is exceeded.

The standard plate thickness can range from .4mm-1.0mm, the most popular being .5mm and .6mm.

Plates can come in a variety of patterns depending on the manufacturer. Some of the phrases used to describe these patterns are High/Low Theta, Degrees or Thermal Short/Thermal Long.

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