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Lightweight Titanium Heat Exchangers

Jan 22, 2018

High performance, small size, and low weight are critical requirements for any airborne heat exchanger. It must also withstand the potentially high pressures (several hundred psi) on the bleed-air side of the exchanger without distortion, leakage, or failure.

The heat exchanger based on the stringent performance, dimensional, and weight specifications required for a typical bleed air engine application.

Investigated a variety of titanium alloys. C.P. Ti Grade 4 was selected for the fin stock and tube plate. This is a commercially pure titanium alloy with high tensile and yield strengths. 


Our company core competencies are titanium bar and titanium plate for medical Implant Systems and heat exchanger.


1.Used in medical industry of titanium rods/bars, titanium plate, titanium wire, titanium curved.

2. Used in petroleum chemical industry of titanium rods, titanium plate, titanium tube, titanium copper composite rods.

3. Used in chemical, electronic, aviation and aerospace and other fields of niobium, tantalum and niobium, tantalum alloy bar and plate.

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