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Titanium Alloy Is Introduced

Apr 19, 2017

According to the phase composition of the titanium alloy can be divided into three categories: alpha alloy, alloy (alpha + beta) and beta alloy, China expressed as a TA, TC, TB, respectively.

(1) alpha alloy elements, containing a certain amount of alpha stable equilibrium is mainly composed of alpha. Alpha alloy density is small, heat strong sex good, good weldability and excellent corrosion resistance, defect is low room temperature strength, often used as heat resistant materials and corrosion resistant materials. Alpha alloy and usually can be divided into the alpha alloy TA7, nearly all alpha alloy (mo Ti - 8 al - 1-1 v) and small amounts of compounds of alpha alloy (Ti - 2.5 - Cu). (2) (alpha + beta) alloy containing a certain amount of stable elements, alpha and beta phase equilibrium alloy organization for alpha and beta phase. (alpha + beta) alloy with moderate intensity, and can strengthening heat treatment, but poor welding performance. (alpha + beta) alloys are widely used, including Ti 6 al 4 v alloy production accounting for more than half of all the titanium.

(3) beta alloy containing a large number of stable beta phase element, can keep the high beta phase all to room temperature. Beta alloy can be divided into the heat treatment usually beta alloy (metastable beta alloy and nearly metastable beta alloy) and thermal stability of beta alloys. Heat treatment beta alloys have excellent plasticity in quenching condition, and can make through aging treatment of tensile strength of 130 ~ 140 KGF/was. Beta alloy is usually for the use of high strength and high toughness material. Defect is than major, cost is high, the welding performance is poor, cutting processing difficult.

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