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Titanium And Titanium Alloy Material Cost Reduction, The Feasible Methods And Process

Apr 19, 2017

1, to reduce the cost of raw materials

Titanium metal melting point is high, the chemical nature very lively, and O, H, N and C elements such as strong chemical affinity, the pure titanium extraction difficult. General use Kroll magnesium reduction process in industrial production of sponge titanium. Producing titanium sponge by Kroll magnesium reduction process is complex, high energy consumption, long cycle, and can't continuous production, at the same time, need a lot of magnesium metal as a reducing agent, the production cost is higher. At present, developed by the university of Cambridge's molten CaCl2 direct electrochemical reduction of TiO2 technology breakthrough, the method in the production of titanium sponge production cycle is short, and the production costs fell by 40%.

Most of titanium alloy with high V as alloying elements to improve the strength, and alloying elements on Al - X as the intermediate alloy added. In the cheap Fe, Cr and other alloying elements instead of the V elements, is an effective way to reduce the cost of titanium alloy. (for example: the titanium industry company Timet) development of Ti - 1.5 - Al - 6.8 - Mo - Fe and Ti 6 Al - 4.5-1. Fe - 0.1 - Si.

With the progress of titanium smelting technology, will be produced in the process of production, the processing of titanium tailings and attle residual material after series of treatment as a charge to add, realize the production cycle, is one of the effective methods to reduce raw material cost.

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