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What Is The Purpose Of The Titanium Rod

Apr 19, 2017

First of all, the advantages of titanium rods is more, not only high strength, small density, and good mechanical function, patience and corrosion resistance is also very good. So what's the use of titanium rod? Let small make up to introduce for everybody.

The industrialization of the titanium yield is the beginning of 1948. The demand of the aviation industry, make titanium industry in order to uniform growth of about 8% a year. The current international titanium alloy processing material annual output reached 40000 tons, trademark nearly 30 kinds of titanium alloy. Is the most widely used titanium alloy Ti 6 al 4 v (TC4), al Ti - 5-2.5 - Sn (TA7) and pure titanium (TA1, TA2 and TA3). Primary titanium alloy used to produce aircraft engine compressor components, followed by the rockets and missiles and high-speed plane layout. 60 s, titanium and its alloys have been usually used in industry, used for making electrode electrolysis industry, power plant condenser, oil essence and seawater desalination heater and environmental pollution control equipment, etc. Titanium and its alloy has become a corrosion resistant layout information.

In addition is also used to produce hydrogen storage material and shape memory alloy, etc. Titanium alloy is used in the aerospace industry is a new important layout data, specific gravity, strength and using the temperature between aluminum and steel, but is larger than that of high strength and excellent corrosion resistance to seawater and ultra-low temperature functions. Dosage of titanium alloy in the aircraft engine is usually accounted for 20% ~ 30% of the total weight layout, first used in compressor parts, such as casting titanium fan, compressor disk and blade, titanium compressor casing, intermediate casing, bearing housing, etc. Spacecraft first use of the specific strength of titanium alloy, corrosion resistance and low temperature resistant function to make all kinds of pressure vessel, fuel tank, fasteners, instruments, framework and rocket shell trials. Artificial earth satellite, the lunar module, manned spacecraft and space shuttle are using titanium alloy plate weldments.

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