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Tantalum Plate/Strip And Foil

Tantalum Plate/Strip And Foil

1.Chemical Composition:Tantalum 2.Shape:Plate,Strip and Foil 3.Material:Ta 4.Application:Mainly used for capacitor parts, chemical anti-corrosion industry etc.

Product Details

Product Description

Wire Products of Ta
Name Specifications Diameter(mm) kg/coil Condition
Ta&Ta-alloy Wire ASTMB365 ASTMF560 GB/T14841 0.4-6.0 0.5-4.0 Annealed

Plate,Strip and Foil of Ta
Name Specifications Thickness(mm) Width(mm) Length(mm) Condition
Ta&Ta-alloy Plate ASTMB708 >0.2 <600 <3500 Annealed
Ta Plate for Spinnin Nozzles ASTMB708 RO5400 >0.2 <200 <400 Annealed
Furnace Parts of Ta&Ta-alloys Technical Requirements of SGS Ta Materials >0.1 <240 <480 Annealed
Commercial-grade Ta Strip ASTMB708 >0.1 <240 in Coil Annealed
Capacitor-grade Ta Strip Technical Requirements of Capacitor-grade Ta Strip >0.1 <100 in Coil Annealed
Ta Foil ASTMB393 >0.05 <150 in Coil Annealed


Tube Products of Ta
Name Specifications Thickness(mm) OD(mm) Max Length(mm) Condition
Ta&Ta-alloy Tubes ASTMB521 GB/T8182 0.2-10.0 1-65 ≤6000 Annealed


Rod Products of Ta
Name Specifications Diameter(mm) Max Length(mm) Condition
Ta&Ta-alloy Rods ASTMB365 ASTMF560 GB/T14841 6.0-200 ≤3000 Annealed


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