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According to the classification and features of the intensity of titanium alloy

Apr 20, 2017

According to the different strength of titanium alloy can be divided into low strength, normal strength titanium alloy, titanium alloy medium strength titanium alloy and high strength titanium alloy. The following is a specific classification of data:

1. The low strength of titanium alloy, mainly for the corrosion resistance of titanium alloy, the other titanium alloy used in structure according to structure of titanium alloy (structure titaniumalloy).

2. The average strength of titanium alloy (~ 500 mpa), mainly includes industrial pure titanium and TI - al - 1.5-2 Mn (TCl) and al TI - 3-2.5 V (TA18), is to achieve widespread application of the alloy. Due to price forming performance and good weldability, used in the manufacture of various air with sheet parts and hydraulic pipe, etc., and bicycles and other civilian products.

3. Medium strength titanium alloy (~ 900 mpa), a typical alloy is Ti 6 al 4 v (TC4), widely used in aerospace industry.

4. High strength titanium alloy is room temperature tensile strength is more than 1100 mpa, the close beta and metastable beta titanium alloy, titanium alloy is mainly used to replace the high degree of structural steel is commonly used in aircraft structure, its typical alloys have Ti - 11-13 v cr - 3 al, Ti - 3-15 v cr - 3 sn (TB5) fe and Ti - 10 v - 2-3 al.

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