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Classification of titanium tube

Apr 20, 2017

Titanium is the same isomer, melting point is 1720 ℃, in less than 882 ℃ when the six-party lattice structure is close, known as alpha titanium; Above 882 ℃ show character body centered cubic structure, called beta titanium. Using the above two kinds of different characteristics of titanium, add the appropriate alloying elements, content makes the phase change temperature and phase change and get a different group of titanium alloys, titanium alloys). At room temperature, there are three kinds of titanium alloy matrix organization, titanium alloys are divided into the following three categories: alpha alloy, alloy and beta alloy (alpha + beta). China expressed as a TA, TC, TB, respectively.

Alpha titanium alloy

It is alpha solid solution consisting of a single phase alloy, whether in the practical application of general temperature or at higher temperatures, are the alpha, organizational stability, abrasion resistance higher than that of pure titanium, antioxidant ability. Under the temperature of 500 ℃ ~ 600 ℃, still maintain its strength and creep resistance, but not for strengthening heat treatment, strength at room temperature is not high.

Beta titanium alloy

It is beta phase solid solution consisting of a single phase alloy, is not heat treatment, it has high strength, further strengthening alloy after quenching and aging, strength at room temperature can reach 1372 ~ 1666 mpa; But, the poor thermal stability should not be used at high temperature.

Alpha + beta titanium alloy

It is duplex alloy, with good comprehensive performance, organizations have good stability, good toughness, plasticity and high temperature deformation resistance, thermal pressure processing can be well, to hardening, aging makes the alloy strengthening. The strength of the heat treatment after about 50% ~ 100% higher than that of annealing state; High temperature and high strength, can under the temperature of 400 ℃ ~ 500 ℃ to work for a long time, its thermal stability is inferior to alpha titanium alloy.

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