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Processing of titanium alloy process know-how

Apr 20, 2017

On the basis of understanding the mechanism of titanium alloy processing, and past experience, the main technology of machining titanium alloy recipe is as follows:

(1) USES is the geometry of the Angle of the blade, to reduce the cutting force, cutting heat and deformation of the workpiece.

(2) to maintain a constant to avoid the workpiece hardening, in the process of cutting tool will remain the state of feed, radial turning when milling a e should be 30% of the radius.

(3) using high pressure large flow cutting fluid, to ensure the thermal stability of machining process, prevent the workpiece surface degeneration and tool damage caused by high temperature.

(4) keep the blade sharp edge, blunt tool is the cause of the heat build-up and wear, easy to cause the tool failure.

(5) as far as possible in the soft state of titanium alloy processing, because after hardening material becomes more difficult to machining, heat treatment to improve the strength of materials and increase the blade wear.

(6) using a large tip arc radius or chamfer, as far as possible put more into the cutting blade. This can reduce the cutting force and heat of each, to prevent the local damage. In milling of titanium alloy, the cutting parameters in the cutting speed on tool life of vc, radial turning (depth) ae.

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