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Screw manufacturer mold maintenance

Apr 20, 2017

Screw production process, the mould is the key to a screw forming, mould cost is different screws have different social status, the more customized screw more expensive. So the use and protection work of mould and screw manufacturer important one annulus. The problems we encountered in the production process, we summarize some experience about mould, for everyone to make a reference.

1: the main mode for a long time after use must grinding blade, blade surface must be demagnetization after grinding, can't with magnetism, otherwise prone to plugging material.

2: spring elastic parts in use process such as spring the most easily damaged, usually appear fracture and deformation phenomenon. To take is to change, it is important to note that in the process of change of the specifications of the spring and models, the specifications of the spring and model identified by color, diameter and length of the three, only under the condition of the three are the same can be replaced.

3: in the process of the die set and the use of punch punch is easy to appear the phenomenon of break, bend and break, set of is usually to break. The punch and impact damage is generally with the same specifications of the parts for replacement. So, punch and a set of cooperation is particularly important, in the custom of blunt set, make sure your check out punch diameter, avoid the waste of the punch.

4: a thin K when the head is very easy to crash the main module, a lot of people is to replace the whole mold, it's not like that, just change the mold core, as long as according to the original primary mode to customize a mold core, the main mode is new.

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