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The ubiquitous screws

Apr 20, 2017

However, after becoming a member of the stone metal I found one thing our world has almost in all the time, that is "screw". They appear to plain, the family is so huge, so indispensable. There are lots of things in our lives, from glasses, watches, mobile phones, to the house, furniture, cars, planes, all through the screw series, combination, become whole. It can be said that this world only to industry, screw will not disappear. From a technical perspective, the screw is an important part of the manufacturing science and technology, in addition to the basic conditions for locking, more demand material technology, strength, accuracy, and the invention of the system such as SPC application. A completely conforms to the environment of the application of screw, screw is also innumerable person's painstaking care crystallization. We, worldcom metal look big, also is the society of a screw, do they want for tens of thousands of industrial enterprises, need screws, and brings together such a group to produce in line with the application of the screw and blood. But we're not an ordinary screw, 30 years precipitation technique, is to make it a "irreplaceable, high-end custom screws.

Aggressively in recent years the rise of titanium screw products, it is fit to improve people's living standard, the use of technology products, appliances, daily life has been a qualitative leap.

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