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Titanium plate, titanium plate manufacturing process

Apr 20, 2017

Hot forging forging process in metal above the recrystallization temperature.

Hot rolled under the above the recrystallization temperature of the rolling process.

Cold plastic deformation temperature is lower than the temperature of the rolling process.

Annealing: the metal slowly heated to a certain temperature, keep enough time, then cooling with appropriate speed (usually slow cooling, sometimes is controlled cooling of a metal heat treatment process.

Pickling: parts in aqueous solution of sulfuric acid and so on, to remove metal oxides on the surface of the film. Is plating, enamel, before or after processing the middle of rolling processing [1]

The characteristics of the titanium plate editor

1. The titanium oxide film on the surface of the plate is equivalent to a good durability with hair separating agent, saving the separating agent used titanium sheet, make it easy to plate strip, exempt from the kind of plate processing process in advance, titanium sheet is lighter than copper sheet in half.

2. The service life of titanium sheet copper plate is more than 3 times, according to the operating conditions can be up to 10 to 20 years

3. The use of titanium plate making of electrolytic copper compact crystal structure, surface level off is smooth, excellent quality.

4. Because the titanium sheet without daub separating agent, thus it can be to avoid contamination of copper electrolyte.

5. Improve productivity reduce the production cost of electrolytic copper, which has good economic benefit.

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