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Titanium screw grinding and polishing? What material

Apr 20, 2017

Titanium screw in general is vibration polishing machine, there are a millstone, and with a small steel ball. Will do. Vibration grinding machine, the grinding process is a kind of vibration cutting grinding process, need deburring and polishing workpiece, into the prepared beforehand good abrasive, abrasive container. Rely on the container, the regularity of vibration that produces relative motion artifacts and abrasive, and mutual grinding, grinding bulge on the workpiece surface and surrounding the burr, and at the same time for acute Angle round and surface polishing treatment. Generally we are made from the polishing processing, standard parts individual small manual polishing is impossible. In the polished stone add to pan. Can also be washed clean agent, that is ok.

Low modulus of elasticity: titanium elastic modulus at normal temperature is 106.4 GMPa, 57% of the steel.

Suction performance: titanium is a kind of chemical nature very lively, metal at high temperature can react with many elements and compounds. Titanium getter mainly refers to the heat react with carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen

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