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Titanium screw small knowledge, performance and types of titanium materials

Apr 20, 2017

The screw fasteners, we understand there are various specifications of various materials and various shapes, the stone made screw factory today is to introduce a screw with high strength material - custom titanium screws.

Titanium material has excellent heat-resistance and corrosion material, the proportion is about two-thirds of the iron, is a kind of nonmagnetic metal materials. From the aerospace aircraft, ship, coal-fired power stations and nuclear power plants and other large places, to the golf club and other small places, titanium is widely used in various fields. In addition, because of the titanium adaptation performance is very good, so also gradually being used to make artificial root and medical engineering such as the bone marrow.

Titanium is divided into two categories: one kind is pure titanium materials; One kind is titanium alloy materials. On pure titanium material, JIS are the first to fourth in the standard of pure titanium is the second (TP340) is 340-510 mpa tensile strength titanium alloy also has many kinds, such as corrosion resistance than pure titanium excellent corrosion resistance of titanium alloy, the tensile strength is more than 1000 mpa high strength titanium alloy, etc.

Small due to the production of titanium materials, anti to refining, processing performance, titanium metal materials used in the screw on the market is small and small, but titanium material than other metal material has a certain performance advantages, so use titanium material production custom screw price is higher than other general material custom screws. And titanium element on the earth is a large amount of buried, believe that with the progress of industrial technology, the titanium material usage will be more and more widely.

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