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Titanium screws and strength of duplex stainless steel screw which is good

Apr 20, 2017

Titanium screws and which good strength, duplex stainless steel screw fasteners consultants YuWenLong think titanium screws and duplex stainless steel screw both strength is not very good, want to good strength, with alloy steel.

Fasteners consultants think, best oneself check relevant information, the Internet is always false, meet knows nothing but pretends to know, just reply, is false or deceptive mislead you directly, or even hurt you. Light quality of the product is unqualified, heavy fines. Fasteners consultants think, of course, if there is a power, a fastener, please reference your technical consultant, grasping the direction of enterprise development, product positioning, positioning the customer also is pretty good a choice.

corrosion of titanium is not known, the construction enterprise generally USES titanium nail in the knowledge that they will not rust and cause the collapse of the structure.
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