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Uses Of Medical Titanium

Jan 24, 2018

Most all of us know someone who has required orthopedic surgery to replace a failing hip socket, shoulder joint or severely broken bone. It’s very likely medical grade titanium was the material of choice for the surgeons when reconstructing these parts of the body. As evidenced in the previous section,natural titanium properties make it a perfect alloy to be used within the body.

Medical grade titanium is used in producing:


bone plates






espandable rib cages

spinal fusion cages

finger and toe replacements

maxio-facial prosthetics


We are provide  medical industry of titanium rods/bars, titanium plate, titanium wire, titanium curved. Aone titanium metals is mainly small sales company is become research and development, production, sales and service in a modernized company.In recent years,Shaanxi Aone titanium metal materials Co., LTD steady development ,the products have been sold to the United States, southeast Asia, Western Europe and Africa and other countries ,the strength is growing day by day.

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