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Titanium Alloy Characteristics And Processing Method Is Introduced

Apr 19, 2017

1 cutting processability and common principles of titanium alloy

Titanium alloy by metal organization is divided into a, b, a + b phase,

With TA, TB, and TC

Said its brand and type.

The characteristics and cutting machining

Titanium alloy is relatively ordinary alloy steel has the following advantages:

Strong than high: titanium alloy density is 4.5 g/cm3

, it is much less than iron, and the intensity of the similar to ordinary carbon steel.

Good mechanical performance: titanium alloy melting point is 1660 ℃, higher than iron, has high thermal strength, can work under 550 ℃

For, at the same time, usually show good toughness at low temperature.

Good resistance to corrosion, under 550 ℃ is easy and the oxide film formed on titanium alloy surface, so it is not easy to be further oxidation,

The atmosphere, water, steam and acid, alkali, salt medium have higher corrosion resistance.

On the other hand, the cutting of titanium alloy with poor processability. The main reason is:

Poor heat conductivity, the cutting temperature is very high, reduce the tool life. Temperature above 600 ℃, the surface oxide layer, the knife has strong abrasive action. Low plasticity, high hardness, shear Angle increases, the chip and the rake face of contact length is small, the former knife surface stress is very big, the blade is easy to damage.

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