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Titanium Uses In Dentistry

Jan 17, 2018

Titanium is a metal alloy that has gained popularity in recent years in both the medical and dental fields. It has unique properties that make it preferable to other medical metals and alloys. It is also cost-effective and light-weight. Its acceptance by the body makes it an ideal metal for surgical dental procedures. Titanium has properties that make it ideal for dental procedures and causes less discomfort for patients.

In recent years,titanium has become a favorite metal used by dentists for a number of reasons. For example, titanium is now the most popular and common metal used in dental implants. Why is titanium used?

Below are the greatest benefits of using titanium:

It is light weight

It is inert (meaning it won’t react with other metals or chemicals)

It easily combines with bone (osseointegrate)

It has no animate tissues, making it accepted by the body

It is compatible with your body’s other tissues (biocompatible)

Grade 5 titanium is shown to be stronger and fracture resistant

Softer than other metals, making it easier to mold and fit the patients’ mouths better

Price is reasonable and stays stable

Implants-With titanium’s osseointeration property, dentists can better insert artificial teeth into the patient’s mouth. It is easier to insert implants because it easily fuses with the patient’s jawbone. As a result, there is less healing time and pain as well as a lower risk of infection where the implant is inserted. On a biological level, the patient’s bone cells easily attach themselves to the titanium implant, which causes a sturdy “bridge” to form, furthering to secure the implant in place. Titanium is also compatible with body tissue cells, so not only do the body cells keep the implants secure, the cells also won’t have a negative reaction to it, making titanium implants safe. Not only are titanium braces strong and lighter-weight, its biocompatibility property won’t cause allergic reactions not cause uncomfortable side-effects.

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